Kathleen Hollingsworth
~Portland, Oregon~

vocalist~keyboardist~writer~arranger~choral director
welcome...thanks for taking a minute to come by.
music is my muse, my lifeblood, my passion. Because of this,
I have a particularly interesting mission, and if you've come here, you are likely interested in knowing more about it.
It looks a litte something like this:
I wish to co-create a fantastic musical experience with groups of people who wish to sing together...active lovers of life who wish to be elevated through elevating others...with young music students who wish to grow not only as musicians but as purveyors of the Divine...with an audience that may or may not have ears yet to hear.

Music, if we want to participate in it on a level that communicates to the soul, must speak something much deeper than the egotistical banter of the mind. For I believe that music is in essence, the voice of the Divine.
I choose to be part of music that works to transcend, to elevate, to help move  people beyond tears so a new road can lie ahead.
All search for technique, skill, mastery is for me, a search to bring Divinity into the music.